The Fox News team had some awkward moments during their 2012 election night coverage, not the least of which was an unexpected outburst by contributor Karl Rove — who runs a conservative super PAC — when the network called the election for Barack Obama.

Despite the other networks and wire services making the same call, Rove interjected, “We gotta be careful about calling things when we have like nine-hundred-ninety-one votes separating the two candidates, and a quarter of the vote yet to count.”

Rove batted about figures while furiously checking his notes, leaving Chris Wallace stunned, and another pundit to sheepishly defend the call of the “Decision Desk.” After seconds of painful silence, Wallace broke the ice with some nervous laughter saying, “Well, folks … so maybe, not so fast.”

Megyn Kelly spoke up to state the obvious, saying, “That’s awkward.”

After a commercial break, Kelly took cameras on a long, uncomfotable walk to the “Decision Desk” to “try to get to the bottom of this.” The number crunchers there explained why they are “quite comfortable” with their decision to call the election for Obama, but Rove continued to argue with Kelly and Bret Baier back at the desk.

While Rove admitted the “Decision Desk” staff are “smart guys,” he insisted, “I’m just saying that in terms of public perception, it looks a little odd for us to be making a call with nine-hundred-ninety-one votes separating.”

Kelly retorted, “But you know how the science works.” Baier chimed in, “They’re pretty confident back there, Karl.”

Though Rove stood by his position that Ohio was not finalized, Mitt Romney eventually conceded the election to Obama.

Posted by:mchance