Warning: The video above contains language that may offend sensitive viewers.

The FOX News “All-American New Year’s Eve” of 2013 tried really hard to be nothing but wholesome, family entertainment. Unfortunately, the network also broadcast live footage from South Beach in Miami. Two drunk girls there messed up the plan with swearing, kissing and general intoxication.

It may have been one of the more entertaining moments of the night.

The incident occurred shortly before midnight on the East Coast, when the New York coverage cut away briefly to South Beach for a short report. Host Phil Keating stopped a young woman in passing — calling her a “tall drink of water” in the process — and asked her and a friend to make a national shout-out.

Her response: “We’ve got 5 minutes until 2014, and we’re going to f*** s*** up!”

Keating did point out the ladies should watch their language, as FOX News is a “family channel,” and one of the girls apologized. The sincerity of the apology, though, is questionable, considering she immediately stuck her tongue out Miley Cyrus-style.

Happy New Year indeed.

Posted by:Laurel Brown