A few weeks after the unexpected death of “Glee” star Cory Monteith, the FOX network has posted a tribute video to the actor. There are few things more tragic than the death of a young person, and that tragedy is especially noticeable when death comes to someone prominent. The video reflects that.

Although short — only lasting 12 seconds — the video still manages to be poignant. It is made up of several slow-motion clips of Monteith in his “Glee” role of Finn Hudson, some alone and others together with co-star and girlfriend Lea Michele (in the role of Rachel Berry).

There isn’t much music (possibly the strangest part, considering the musical nature of “Glee”), and there is no speech. The only words involved come at the end, when the following appears on a dark screen:

“Cory Monteith — Forever in our hearts”

Is this the best tribute to Monteith? It seems to be something of a video greeting card, as opposed to any sort of narrative. If fans want more, at least there is an endless supply of “Glee” clips full of the actor’s performances.

“Don’t Stop Believing” anyone?

Posted by:Laurel Brown