Strange things happen when you bring together a bunch of comedy actors. Fortunately, those things are usually hilarious. This was indeed the case during the FOX TCA winter press tour panel celebrating the network’s Tuesday-night comedy block. Stars from “New Girl,” “Raising Hope,” “Ben and Kate” and “The Mindy Project” were on hand to inform and entertain.

What did they say? Here are some of the funny and interesting we learned from these insane people.

  • Kevin Bacon‘s coming back out.” — Ike Barinholtz (“The Mindy Project”) when reporters did not immediately have questions for the panel
  • “He’s like Raging Bull, and you’re like Bull from ‘Night Court.’” — Mindy Kaling to Barinholtz, comparing him to their “Mindy Project” co-star Chris Messina
  • The much-discussed product placement for Ford in the “Models” episode of “New Girl” was not actually conceived that way. The episode was written before Ford signed on.
  • “We just get extra days and extra money for stuff, don’t you?” Kaling to the other actor-producers when talking about getting an extra day to shoot the Christmas episode
  • “Not not injured…” — Zooey Deschanel, when asked if her physical comedy on “New Girl” ever led to injury
  • Seth Rogen will be guest-starring on “The Mindy Project” later this season. He plays Mindy’s first crush, a boy she met at Jewish camp as a teen.
  • “They pay me… and that’s usually my main incentive.” — Lucas Neff, when asked how he can stay in character when Cloris Leachman does crazy things on the set of “Raising Hope”
  • “I’ve not had checks before, and it’s awful.” — Neff, further explaining his love of getting paid for his work
  • “I’ve been like the super-hot guy’s fourth friend in a lot of things.” — Nat Faxon on how it’s good to be a central character on “Ben and Kate”
  • “I think the show really clicks when I’m in a lot of the scenes.” — Echo Kellum, not minimizing his importance to the success of “Ben and Kate”
  • On “Raising Hope,” engaged couple Jimmy and Sabrina (Neff and Shannon Woodward) will not face major relationship issues but there will be some major wedding drama coming.
  • “She’s disturbingly cute.” — Faxon, describing his young co-star Maggie Elizabeth Jones on “Ben and Kate”

The Tuesday-night comedy block returns with new episodes on FOX on Jan. 8.

Posted by:Laurel Brown