How does Jamie Foxx do it?

First he’s a big winner at the 2006 Black Entertainment Television Awards at the Shrine, grabbing two major  awards, one for Best Duet/Collaboration and one for Best Video of the Year.

Then he scoots across town and shows up right after the show looking totally chill at Charlize Theron‘s big Africa Outreach fundraiser at the hot new venue, Social Hollywood.

Foxx partied along with Eve, Nicole Richie, Serena Williams, Russell Simmons and Lindsay Lohan, who apparently needed an event/excuse to wear this wrinkled white satin skirt suit, shiny silver expensive bag and bright red gooey lips.

We want the number for Foxx’s limo service. Either they know the best El Lay backroads  or he’s being beamed across town "Star Trek" style.
Jessica Alba, Leonardo DiCaprio and that wild “Lost” child, Michelle Rodriguez recently hit a big sale at the DKNY boutique in Las Vegas.

But according to WWD, only Leo rated the store’s “special star treatment.”

Some day, Jessica, you may receive such treatment. But you’ll have to do more than wear a bikini in "Into the Blue," shimmy in "Sin City 2" or kill villains in the upcoming "Fantastic Four 2," to reach Leo’s status.

We’re talking two Oscar acting noms, three Golden Globe noms and one Globe win here. Hey, maybe it’s not that far out of reach. As for Michelle, well, she’s got her plate full just staying out of jail. Day at a time, darling. 

Here’s a fashion news flash: from now on, Paris Hilton will not wear fur. Seriously. She will, however, continue to carry it. Sorry, Tinker Bell.

Photo Credits: Bet Jamie Foxx left his two  BET awards in the limo when he hit Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach fundraiser after the show.
WireImage/Steve Granitz

Photo Credits: Lindsay shows off her shiny new Manhattan hooker look at the Social Hollywood Africa Outreach bash.   
WireImage/Eric Charbonneau

Photo Credits: Forget wearing dead mink. Terrified Tinks wants Paris to stop carrying fur! Somebody please call PETA.
WireImage/Seth Browarnik

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