Fran-Drescher-Jon-Landau-avatar-audition.jpgFran Drescher just couldn’t help herself. She had to poke fun at the blockbuster hit and Oscar nominated film “Avatar” and Jon Landau, one of the film’s producers was in on the joke.

Drescher trades in her trademark “Nanny” persona for Neytiri, the alien love interest to “Avatar’s” Jake (played by Sam Worthington in the film) in this clip from Take180, the studio behind the web series, Electric Spoofaloo.

The best part is when she has to act with “Jake,” because if you’ve ever watched actors audition for animated films on those DVD special features, her take is hilariously realistic.

Check out Drescher as she tries to impress Landau and ‘land’ the coveted role:

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Photo credit: Take180

Posted by:Jethro Nededog