frances bean cobain gi Frances Bean Cobain poses for sexy, grungy photo shootFrances Bean Cobain, now 18, looks like both her mother, Courtney Love, and her father, Kurt Cobain, and — in a new series of photos — she shows off her gene pool jackpot in various states of grunge-inspired cool.

The series of black-and-white photos were shot by photographer Hedi Slimane who photographed Cobain, who confirmed to the Seattle Post Intelligencer that the pictures were taken in a private session, but declined to make any comment.

Several tattoos are clearly visible in the photos. One across her back reads “L’Art est la solution au Chaos” (art is the solution to chaos), in another the word “Stardust” is visible. Another appears to be the lyrics to the Jeff Buckley song, “Grace,”: “There’s the moon asking to stay long enough for the clouds to fly me away” up  the inside of her left arm and “Well it’s my time coming I’m not afraid to die” down the right.

Cobain also appears somewhat slimmer than she has in recent years. Maybe it’s the cigarettes she seems to be smoking in every other picture.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson