frances bean cobain gi Frances Bean Cobain: Where is Kurt Cobain's daughter now?On the anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death, we remember those the legendary musician left behind. Specifically, his daughter Frances Bean Cobain, who was not even 2-years-old at the time of his death.

The only child of Cobain and Courtney Love, Frances turned 18 in August 2010, at which point she took control of a multi-million dollar inheritance. 

Frances has achieved accolades of her own, even before turning 18. She worked as an intern for Rolling Stone magazine in 2008 and lent her voice to the song “My Space” by Evelyn Evelyn in 2010. Most notably, she debuted a collection of dark sketches at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in July 2010. The artwork drew critical praise and sold out quickly.

Frances took out a restraining order against her mother in late 2009, and the two don’t appear to have much of a relationship currently. Love does sometimes reach out to her daughter via social media and according to her tweets, hopes that she will consider higher education.

Now an incredibly private person, Frances made headlines just a few years ago when she threw a suicide-themed Sweet 16 party at the House of
Blues on Sunset Strip. Reportedly, the theme was intended to signify the
death of childhood and transition into adulthood, though it obviously
drew parallels to the father she barely knew.

Not much has been printed about Frances since the debut of her art show in 2010. Having given only five official interviews, beginning at 13-years-old, she last spoke with the Andy Warhol founded Interview magazine following her Los Angeles art exhibition.   

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci