frank pastore dead at 55 Frank Pastore: Radio host and former MLB pitcher predicts his own death

Frank Pastore, beloved radio personality and former Major League Baseball pitcher, is dead at 55. The host of “The Frank Pastore Show” on Los Angeles’ KKLA Christian radio station predicted his own death just hours before the collision that killed him.
Pastore was discussing the idea of life after death, in relation to a Science Channel program hosted by Morgan Freeman. In a sound byte available on KKLA’s website, Pastore says:
“I mean, look, you guys know I ride a motorcycle, right? So at any moment — especially with the idiot people who cross the diamond lane, into my lane, alright, without any blinkers, not that I’m angry about it, but — at any minute, I could be spread all over the 210. But that’s not me. That’s my body parts. And that key distinction undergirds the entire Judeo-Christian worldview.”
Later that same day, Pastore was struck by a Hyundai Sonata while riding his motorcycle in the carpool lane of the 210 freeway. Pastore succumbed to serious head injuries nearly one month after the accident.

On Dec. 17, KKLA posted the following message on their website:
“As many of you are aware, Frank Pastore was in a motorcycle accident Monday night, 11/19.  Gina Pastore informed us that in the early afternoon of Monday, December 17, Frank passed away. We will update you with any additional information as soon as it is available. Please continue to pray for Gina and the family.”

Pastore was a California native. He pitched for the Cincinatti reds from 1979 to 1985, and for the Minnestota Twins in 1986. After retiring from baseball, Pastore earned several degrees and published a book, “Shattered: Struck Down, But Not Destroyed.” He hosted the KKLA show beginning in 2004. 
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