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Some might not remember that “Frasier” was actually a spinoff of “Cheers.” If that’s been forgotten, it’s only because “Frasier” went on to run for 11 seasons, just as “Cheers” did.
The cast reunited on “Good Morning America,” as part of the ongoing EW cast reunion series, to look back on the show. One of the most surprising revelations was that star Kelsey Grammer didn’t want to do the show in the beginning. “My initial feelings were that Frasier should die with ‘Cheers’,” he says, before adding that upon agreeing to do the show he had a couple stipulations. “I said, ‘He’s not married and he doesn’t really see his child’,” Grammer remembers. In the end, Kelsey is very happy he made the decision to do the show.
“Of course I forgot to mention I didn’t want any animals on the show,” he jokes as his TV dad John Mahoney laughs. His character’s Jack Russell Terrier Eddie was a breakout hit on the show. “People think we were best friends,” Mahoney says jokingly. “He attacked me twice.”
David Hyde Pierce says he watched a lot of “Cheers” while preparing to play Frasier’s brother, Niles, while Peri Gilpen recalls one of the reasons her character, Roz, worked so well was because she “is the kind of person you always have at work.”
The cast all agrees that the show changed their lives and was one of their best working experiences. “I’m going to go out on a limb, it was a pretty perfect TV show,” Grammer says before recreating the iconic closing theme song.
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