Paulaabdul Is Paula Abdul so freaked by the apparent suicide of obsessive fan/"AI" reject Paula Goodspeed near her home that she’s thinking of leaving the show?

OK reports that Paula Abdul, 45, is hoping to transition out of "American Idol" and into a new TV project.

An insider explains, “Paula knows that every season could be her last. Now she’s got a new secret venture that she’s really excited about.”

And with the new "fourth judge" Kara DioGuardi — Paula’s old roommate — coming on for the eighth season (which begins Jan. 13), Paula’s seat will already be filled.

But has Paula also been affected by the apparent suicide of stalker Goodspeed?

Eerily, Abdul got flowers last week with a note signed, "Love, J.T." and the message, "Hope you’re doing great. Here’s my new cell number."

She thought the buds were from boyfriend J.T. Torregiani.

She called him asking why he had changed his number, a source close to Abdul told People.

When he had no idea what she was talking, Abdul knew they were sent by ex-"American Idol "contestant Paula Goodspeed.

Over the last three years, Abdul’s camps says she has received more than 100 letters and numerous phone calls and uninvited visits from Goodspeed.

"The flower thing was really scary — Paula [Abdul] really couldn’t handle that. She was terrified," the source tells People.

BTW, Goodspeed’s real name is Sandra. She changed it to Paula about 16 years ago.

But her family says that it didn’t have anything to do with Paula Abdul and that she just liked the name.


Would you blame Paula for leaving "AI"? Should she? Has the show lost its magic? Has it become too cruel and vicious to contestants?

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