freaks and geeks reunion vanity fair 'Freaks and Geeks' reunites: Creator Paul Feig on where a second season would have goneThough we may never see a televised “Freaks and Geeks” reunion, Vanity Fair has given us the next best thing.

The magazine’s comedy-focused January issue, edited by “F&G” executive producer Judd Apatow, has a wealth of material related the quickly canceled but fiercely loved 1999-2000 series, including photos from the set and an extensive oral history of the show.

What caught our eyes most, though — in addition to the awesome reunion photos like the one attached to this post — was creator Paul Feig‘s breakdown of what might have happened had the show survived for a second season. Here are some of his thoughts:

Lindsay (Linda Cardellini): “I was hoping the second season would open with her being taken out of a concert on a stretcher while Queen’s ‘Tie Your Mother Down’ plays. That’s all I had. But I thought it would be interesting — she comes back, has completely lost the trust of her family; so she’s in even deeper having been really been outed as a problem.”

Neal (Samm Levine): “Another burning desire I had was to get Neal into swing choir. Now ‘Glee’ has taken it and run with it, but I always thought that would be a funny world for Neal to go into. There’s a weird little clique, and you have all these inside jokes, and all these kind of obnoxious performance things you bond with people over — I just thought he would really blossom in there.”

Kim (Busy Philipps): “I wanted Kim Kelly to be pregnant, but it wasn’t necessarily going to be Daniel’s [James Franco]. I thought this actually happened when she was out on the road with Lindsay following the Dead — that she shacked up with some guy, whether she was high at the moment or whatever, and comes back pregnant. That was another burning desire of mine, because when we were in high school there’d always be a girl or two who were pregnant, and it was so mind blowing.”

You can see more of Feig’s outline for “Freaks and Geeks” Season 2 at Vanity Fair.

Posted by:Rick Porter