freddie mercury tribute video Freddie Mercury 'hologram' to appear with QueenThanks to Tupac Shakur, Freddie Mercury — who died in 1991 — will appear on stage with his Queen bandmates when the group reunites for a performance of the London West End musical “We Will Rock You.”

Queen guitarist Brian May says Mercury will “appear” on stage, but that the effect is more an “optical illusion” than a hologram.

“People will come out saying, ‘did we actually see Freddie?'” May tells the BBC, adding that the band had been toying with the idea of bringing Mercury into the show for some time, despite drummer Roger Taylor’s insistence that it would “never happen.”

Also expected at the May 14 show — fan and show producer Robert DeNiro. But he’ll be the real deal, not a hologram.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson