lil wayne 2009 Free Weezy? Lil Wayne's prison release delayed, fans wait through the night[Update] Lil Wayne has been released! He will now head to Arizona to take care of some paperwork from a 2008 drug charge. He will then spend 36 months on probation.

Rapper Lil Wayne has been in prison for eight months, serving time for criminal possession of a weapon, and now it looks like he’ll spend an extra day behind bars. “Weezy” was expected to be released from New York’s Rikers Island prison in the early hours of Thursday, Nov. 4, and his die-hard fans began to gather in the prison parking lot shortly after midnight, anticipating his triumphant exit through the prison doors.

Weezy’s friend, protege, and Young Money labelmate Drake tweeted, “I just want to thank you all for keeping YM alive for the last 8 months. Between the hours of 1 – 2am…WEEZY IS COMING HOME.”

Unfortunately, it looks like they’ll be waiting a little bit longer than expected. In a jail parking lot. In the middle of the night. In November. Oh, the things we do for love.

]]>According to MTV News, a corrections officer came outside to let the fans know that Lil Wayne (real name Dwayne Carter) would be behind bars for another day. “His time was miscalculated… He owes one day of ‘good time,’ so it’s gonna be another night,” Officer Caraballo said. It’s believed that an extra day was tacked on after Wayne was discovered with an MP3 player and headphones — a rule violation — back in May. Carabello expects Wayne to be released Friday, Nov. 5, though an official spokesperson for the prison could not confirm any anticipated release date. Upon his release — whenever that may be — Weezy will celebrate with a party at a Miami strip club, says Young Money Records president Mack Maine. Wayne’s friends plan to “just treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family, basically,” says Maine. It’s been hinted that Wayne will make his first public post-prison appearance at Drake’s Las Vegas show on Saturday, Nov. 6.
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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie