friday night dinner bbc america 'Friday Night Dinner' brings family dysfunction to Ministry of LaughsBBC America’s Saturday night comedy block, “The Ministry of Laughs,” only launched in June, but it’s already debuting two new series during its July 30 outing.

Imports “Outnumbered” and “Friday Night Dinner” see their stateside premieres this Saturday, and the latter was previewed at the Television Critics Association summer press tour with creator Robert Popper, executive producer Kenton Allen and star Simon Bird.

We can’t repeat a lot of what was said during the Q&A. Much like the series, every other word seemed to be a variation of “s***.” But we can say that “Dinner,” which focuses on two sons’ weekly meals with their parents, is one of the more American-feeling comedies to make it to BBC America in a while.

After all, the emotionally regressing hostage-type situation that occurs at a family dinner is the same in every country.

Boosting “Dinner’s” cred are two very familiar actors. Bird, who also stars in BBC America’s “The Inbetweeners” and the upcoming film continuation, probably gets the most screen time. And his hilariously candid mother is played by “Episodes” actress Tamsin Greig.

And her obligation to Season 2 of the Showtime series won’t keep her from returning to “Friday Night Dinner” when it films its own already-ordered sophomore season.

“If [‘Episodes’] was a network show and they were making 22 episodes, it would be hell,” says Allen,” but she can do both… We’re hugely supportive of everything Tasmin does.”

As you’ll probably be able to glean from the clip below, they wouldn’t want to do it without her.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell