brad leland buddy garrity 'Friday Night Lights': Buddy Garrity to the rescueCoach continues to struggle getting the Lions football program off the ground. He decides he should put together a pep rally to get the students and community involved and reaches out to former Lions football players — from the 1983 State Championship team — for support. The few he gets to come to his house for dinner take his implication that the eastside — i.e., the black side of town — has problems.

Luckily, Buddy Garrity rings the doorbell to the delight of the eastside fellows. Buddy Garrity: Yes He Can. And, resistant at first, Jess Merriweather’s former-star-football-player dad finally comes around and hosts the pep rally at his barbeque joint. We must wait to find out what tragic events led to his renouncing football so dramatically. Odds are there’s some sort of connection to the dead wife. She take a football to the head or something?

Vince and Luke are at each other’s throats. Luke thinks Vince stole his wallet as a prank and — with the help of King Douche J.D. McCoy — confronts him about it. They get into a brawl which attracts the attention of the cops, who lock both up and call Coach down to sort it out.

The police declare that the “white kid” can go free since he doesn’t have a record, while the “black kid” has to go to juvie. Coach is like “His name is Vince” and gets some time alone with the boys, tells them to get their shit together, tells Luke to take the fall, springs them both, and then leaves them both on the side of the road. Where the boys seems like they finally start getting their s*** together.

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