aimee teegarden fnl final season 'Friday Night Lights': DirecTV readies for final season with ominous promo

The end is near — like really, really near.

“Friday Night Lights” final season bows Oct. 27, and though all parties remain hush about storylines for the already-wrapped 13-episode run, DirecTV is baiting fans with a sexy new promo.

Make that sexy and scary. Not only do the ever-foreboding Black Keys provide a grim, if appropriate, soundtrack with “When the Lights Go Out,” everyone sort of looks like they’re getting ready for a funeral — albeit one where sequined fringe is encouraged, but hey, it’s Texas.

Another item of note is the fact that scales have finally tipped in favor of the new class. With Jesse Plemons and Taylor Kitsch out of the picture for Season 5, only the Taylors remain as original series regulars. At least the Season 4 additions are all totally smoking.

Watch the entirely spoiler free (and totally depressing) ad in full:

Excited for “Friday Night Lights” DirecTV run — or will you be waiting for it to hit NBC in 2011?

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell