tami taylor connie britton 'Friday Night Lights': Drunken teacher karaoke!So Matt’s gone, baby, gone, and Julie copes by drowning herself — and a commandeered Landry — in extracurriculars, including Academic Smackdown, which Julie attacks like the WWE product it’s named for. Lucky for Landry, Jess is also a smackdowner, and he’s finally able to muster the courage to talk his way around to a breakup voicemail to Tyra.

Later, he’s able to sweet talk Jess into accepting a date with him. Julie, however, is reeling, especially after finding out Matt found an apartment, told Grandma and Shelby about it, and still hasn’t called her. At the big Smackdown meet (against West Dillon, natch), Julie sobs through her answer about Thomas Wolfe (“You Can’t Go Home Again”), and again to Tami backstage, because teenage breakup hurts like an actual hammer to your bones.

For her part, Tami finds out Dillon High has won a blue ribbon award for academic excellence, and since Eric and Julie are off experiencing their own subplots and not able to celebrate Tami’s achievement to GLENN’s satisfaction, he organizes a faculty karaoke night, which wins a blue ribbon award for OH MY YES. There are shots and mom-dancing to “Car Wash” and GLENN growling out “Don’t You (Forget About Me).” Afterwards, everybody’s drunk, and GLENN is slurring about how Tami is such a super lady, and she tries to put him in a cab but he tries to kiss her! I mean, wouldn’t we all, but that is no kind of a good idea if you’re GLENN. The next morning, he apologizes profusely for his attempted mouth-raping, and Tami is kind but firm, saying it can’t ever happen again.

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