zach gilford friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights': East of DillonHey guys, here we are again, the chosen few watching the world’s best television show. Take a knee and give thanks.

While we were in network exile, Dillon has gone through the process of redistricting. The redistricting looks good on paper, but is a mess on the ground. East Dillon is clearly inferior as far as resources go, and parents shout down Tami Taylor — one of the perceived architects of the redistricting — at a meeting.

Meanwhile the Dillon High Fat Cat Athletic Department grin and smirk in the background: none of their kids or star players are getting pushed over to Red territory. Tami assures the parents that East Dillon is just as good of a school, but her daughter, ever the iconoclast, realizes this isn’t true.

Part of what drives this home to Julie is an August kick-off party being thrown by one of the Panther cheerleaders. Demoralized Matt– who is getting harsh critiques by his art teachers at Dillon Tech (ouch) and working as a pizza delivery guy– realizes that the party’s just going to be a Panther crush, but Julie thinks it’ll be fun.

She shows up and promptly gets hit on by a drunk J.D., whose character arc is just superb. Last season, we were given just enough to develop a little sympathy for the kid with the psychotic dad; but like so many talented rich kids, he takes whatever emotional hardship he’s had in his life and twists it into a reliquary of douchebaggery. The Panthers, who we all rooted for so sincerely for three years, are now a bunch of …

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