aimee teegarden friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights': Injury listLuke Cafferty’s mother goes to Becky under the guise of just wanting to know “what happened.” Becky tells her the whole story, and then Mrs. Cafferty then tries to get Tami Taylor fired for “advising” Becky to have an abortion.

The complaint goes all the way to the school board; but Tami holds her ground when faced with questioning from an overly politicized board lady — insisting that all she did was counsel a girl according to protocol while also managing to act like a human being — and they ultimately vote to keep her principal. But Mrs. Cafferty isn’t satisfied and goes to the press, launching Tami Taylor, exemplary human being, into the midst of the most inhumane cultural war there is.

Mrs. Cafferty isn’t the only Cafferty having a hard time. Luke’s side still looks like a tenderized piece of meat, and his pharmacist has gotten wise to his overly quick Oxycontin refills. So left without “legal” drugs, Luke is driven to Carroll Park to seek out some from the dealers there.

But even illegally procured Oxycontin can’t keep Luke on his feet during Friday’s football game, where he takes one hit too many, and finally can’t get up. Traub does a quick sideline diagnosis, declaring that he’ll be out for the season.

Vince is drawn deeper into the thug lifestyle, being forced to ride along with Calvin and the other bad guy to collect money. But things go awry one night and Calvin gets shot and killed.

Matt (is back! but oh so briefly) is in Chicago where it is grey and rainy. Oh, my dear Chicago. I miss you so. He is lonely in his enormous artist’s loft and picks up the phone to call Julie …

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