matt lauria fnl gallery 'Friday Night Lights' Matt Lauria cast in 'Parenthood' Season 4Best news ever, or best news ever?

“Friday Night Lights” star Matt Lauria is reuniting with executive producer Jason Katims for the fourth season of “Parenthood,” as first reported by TVLine. Lauria, who played running back and pig enthusiast Luke Cafferty on seasons 4 and 5 of “FNL,” will join “Parenthood’s” fourth season in a major recurring role.

Lauria’s character is a soldier who returns from Afghanistan and bonds with fellow veteran Zeek Braverman (Craig T. Nelson). When we spoke with Nelson at the end of Season 3, he mentioned to us that he hoped Zeek’s history with the army would be explored, so Lauria’s character will potentially give us the opportunity to hear more about Zeek’s past.

“I’d like to see them touch a bit more on Vietnam,” he said. “I think that was a time in our society that everything changed, everything. Our whole society. I was raised in the sixties, and if you’re talking about the difference between the fifties and the sixties, it was like going from Mars to Venus. It was insane, and it was primarily because of Vietnam and that shift in consciousness. That’s an interesting era and an interesting place to go for Zeek.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie