scott porter fnl wheelchair 'Friday Night Lights' movie confirmed; Scott Porter wants to bring Jason Street backIf you didn’t watch NBC’s near-perfect show, “Friday Night Lights,” during its five seasons on the air… shame on you. Luckily, you’ll get another chance to experience Kyle Chandler in his Emmy-winning role as Coach Taylor, and Connie Britton by his side as Tami Taylor. Best TV couple ever, thanks.

According to Britton, another “Friday Night Lights” movie is happening “for realsies.”

This summer she told critics that the film was in its “baby stages,” but talks have continued, and she now confirms to Us that it’s in the works. “I think it’s really a matter of … getting everyone’s busy schedules
aligned and making it happen. It kind of feels like there’s a lot of
commitment to it.”

Zap2it spoke with “Hart of Dixie” star Scott Porter about the film in August. Porter played fallen quarterback Jason Street on the TV series, about the potential of a movie. While no plot details have been released, Porter hopes that his character will be included.

“I hope Jason Street fits into the movie somehow,” Porter tells us. “Any moment that I can have with that cast and those creators and that crew — I’d never turn it down. It’d be a very special moment for me. It’s something that I would love to be a part of.”

Porter was a series regular in the first two seasons of the show. His Season 3 guest appearances led to the character leaving Dillon, Texas, and moving on to pursue his dream of being a sports agent in New York.

Despite Jason’s personal triumph, Porter says there’s still story left to be told. “There are so many things we weren’t able to do with Jason,” he tells us. “What really sucked was the writer’s strike happening when it did, because everyone was going to see a huge arc for Jason at the end of Season 2.”

When the season was cut short, so was an intended story involving Jason’s son.

“I really love that one of the things that’s unique about ‘Friday Night Lights,’ is that we start every season at the beginning of a new [football] season,” Porter says. “We just had to cut and run on that story and it sort of led into the end of Jason Street’s time in Dillon. What I love about Jason is that he won. Out of everyone on that show, he was a big winner. He came out victorious. He had a light within him that nobody could extinguish.”

We’ve got our fingers crossed for a little more of that light in the upcoming film. We’ve also got our fingers crossed for a little BFF time between Street and Riggins (Taylor Kitsch) — but we’re going to be careful about holding our breath for this one. We’ve learned our lesson from years of waiting for “Arrested Development” to happen.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie