friday-night-lights-Aimee-Teegarden-Kyle-Chandler-320.jpgLet me start at the end and say that I didn’t even know how much I missed the “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” catchphrase until Coach Taylor tries to get his new team in Philadelphia to chant it with him. Yes, the Taylors leave Dillon, TX, which is so tremendously right and wrong that I barely even know what to say. But like the famous catchphrase, the Taylors perhaps will also be revivified by a new setting. They will not allow themselves to grow stale or comfortable. But damn, Dillon, TX without the Taylors? One can barely even imagine it.

And it wasn’t an easy decision. Things got worse between Eric and Tami before they got better, because I think just like me, Coach Taylor’s imagination just ran up against a brick wall when he tried to think himself out of Texas. But he realized what it would mean, long term, for his marriage, if he asked Tami for yet another sacrifice without offering something in return, turned down the position as Coach of the SuperTeam Dillon Panthers, and headed north. I hope they know where to buy winter coats! And boots! Cowboy boots actually don’t work so great in the snow, Tami!

Bringing the Taylors closer together even before Coach made his decision was Matt Saracen’s proposal– yes, you read that correctly– proposal to Julie. He got on bended knee in front of the Alamo Freeze, and pretty much every marriage proposal ever going forward forthwith can just forget about trying to be the most uniquely romantic, because Matt Saracen just locked that romance **** down. Julie says yes immediately, which gave me palpitations, because she is eighteen, but when she tells Matt that he has to go back and retroactively ask Coach “permission” I’m relieved and know SOMEBODY is going to throw his body in front of this misguided romance train. And Coach does, literally laughing in Matt’s face, before Tami steps in and suggests the four of them go out for dinner and have a conversation about all this. During which Matt and Julie kind of convince the still-feuding Taylors that their love is true (which it is), that they aren’t planning on getting married right away, and that Julie is just going to be that weird girl at college with a fianc� (you know the one).

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