kyle chandler friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights' recap: Beginning To EndSo I’ve been ignoring it for as long as I can but, you guys, this show is almost over. Like forever. And you might think that an episode this good would soothe the pain, but really it just makes it all worse. I’m feeling very morose.

East Dillon steamrolls its way through the State quarterfinals into the semifinals and on to the State championship, all under the pressure of drinking and drugging parents (Ornette), Cain and Abel brotherly betrayal and angst (Billy and Tim), women stirring the pot of various patriarchies (Tami and Jess), and a budget cut that threatens the very existence of the East Dillon team.

Ornette goes back to dealing drugs and starts drinking hard, disregarding Regina’s need to keep a sober house. He gets handsy with her, she changes the lock, and when he literally tries to break in, she calls the cops and it looks like Ornette is Mr. Recidivist. But when, at a surprise celebration Coach has arranged for the winning team, we see Vince hug his mother, there is no mistaking the make-up of that family, and that Ornette really never was a part of it.

Meanwhile, the Riggins makeshift family is having a damn hard time putting the pieces back together. Tim, as Mindy notes, “has changed” and he cannot forgive Billy, no matter how lovably macho-ish his older brother acts. Displacing his anger onto the fact that Billy allowed Mindy to waitress at a strip club, the two brothers get into an intense, physically and emotionally, fight outside The Landing Strip. Tim leaves The Playgirl Ranch and heads back to the Airstream trailer in the backyard of Becky’s mom’s house. Which is this like totally crazy overdetermined space for me, because it’s where Tim had his last weekend of perfection with Lyla (TYLA EVA!!!!111!!!) but it also serves to remind us that he totally slept with Becky’s mom! And that the narrative is driving Becky and Tim back together. Which I hate even WITHOUT the Game of Thrones/Gossip Girl incest connection.

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