zach gilford friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights' recap: On the RoadWhat a delightful episode with lots of callbacks. Another beautiful hotel balcony scene, another great bonding-around-the-campfire scene. The Lions are set to play Kingdom again, the team to which they forfeited in that heartbreaker of a game last season. Kingdom, TX is 250 miles away, so they all pile into a yellow school bus and make their loud, teen way there, where they then pile into a hotel, alienate non-teen guests, spend some quality time bonding with one another, then go on to win the game by playing dirty (by Coach’s fiat even!) for once in their lives.

Post-game, Hastings hooks the kids up with some hippie party out in the woods, while the coaches stay in to drink whiskey and play poker. On the bus on the way home each generation tries to hide its hangovers from the other. Speaking of generations, so much wonderful material in this episode regarding what it’s like to be an adult among free-spirited teenagers. As Coach tells his kids, he hears everything they say. What he doesn’t note, but we do: he doesn’t always act or comment on everything he hears, and that is why he is so damn awesome.

It’s a good thing we got all this bonding in now, though, because some bitter things are brewing. TMU seems to be recruiting Vince more than Luke, though Vince and Luke remain innocent of this intention. Vince is letting his father into his life a bit more, and you know that is not going to end up so great.

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