kyle chandler friday night lights 320 'Friday Night Lights' recap: Unsportsmanlike ConductIt’s East Dillon versus Dillon this week and the Panthers get devious. Unable to trash East Dillon’s field again with Buddy keeping watch 24-7 this year, they take the battle to the internet, setting up a website to release the supposedly-sealed juvenile delinquency arrest records of a number of the Lions players. Vince is worried that his thuggish past will make him unattractive to college recruiters, which is just the most naive thing I have ever heard! But, we’ll go with it. Meanwhile, his father has taken over the reins from Coach Taylor dealing with the recruiters. Coach is pissed, clearly thinking that Ornette doesn’t have his priorities (which seem to focus a lot on “TV time”) straight when it comes to his son. In a chilling scene, Ornette, smile wide eyes dead, tells Coach to step off and focus on bossing around all the other “bitch ass parents:” he’s got Vince’s future in hand.

The Big Cat Clash game ends up in the Lions favor, but it looks like Coach released something in his boys when they played Kingdom, because it’s all penalty flags and poor sportsmanship on the field again. Billy thinks it’s just kids having fun but oldsters Coach and Crowley take it a lot more seriously.

In relationship land, Julie continues to mope around the house despite her parents best efforts to make home as uncomfortable and nagging as possible. And Billy gives Luke some advice re: Becky: ignore her and she’ll come to you. So Luke goes all tough, and Becky plays right into his hands. Of course he makes it all super charming, finally breaking character to ask her “Do you like it when I’m nice to you?” but even he knows that Billy’s ass-backwards emotional manipulation had a dash of genius alongside its whiff of booze.

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