There’s nothing quite like the disappointment one feels when talking to a TV actor who, clearly, couldn’t care less about their character. It happens fairly often. The best is when they give you this great line: I trust the writers, I’m okay with whatever they decide to do.

Zachgilford_paleyfest08_240 Well, yes, I’m quite sure Zach Gilford (pictured left) trusts the writers of Friday Night Lights too — seeing as how they’re, um, amazing (Landry murder plot, aside) — but that doesn’t preclude him from having an opinion on what Matt Saracen’s weekly fate should be. I spoke with Zach about what’s ahead for Saracen and his first season love, Julie Taylor. Here’s what he had to say…

Saracen and Julie are the reason so many fans fell in love with Friday Night Lights two years ago. We were sad when then they broke up. Any chance of a reconciliation?
(Laughs) Saracen and Julie. She took me for granted! I mean, I think we’re going to work our way back towards that, but we’re probably going to see it develop slowly. We’ll reconnect more as friends, and eventually, [the romance] will come back up. That’s the impression I get. I really just had a 30-minute conversation with [executive producer] Jason [Katims] over the phone a month ago and he was like, here’s kind of what we’re thinking of doing on the show this year, and I was like, what? huh? He said, it’s okay, you’ll see the scripts.

Do you offer any input? Does he care what you guys think?
I don’t know. But before season two, I told him, me and Julie need to break up, and I think Saracen should get with a minority. Both those things ended up happening. It wasn’t exactly the way I envisioned it happening, but I like to think I planted those seeds.

Do you root for Julie
(Aimee Teegarden, pictured right) and Matt at all?
No, I root against them! She treats me like crap! I don’t know why everybody liked us together. She was never nice to me.

In the beginning!
No, oh no, come on! Nine episodes to get her to go on a date with me? That was ridiculous! And then she’s just like, let’s have sex!

That’s probably why we rooted for them, because he wanted to be with her.
Yeah, but I don’t know why he wanted to be with her! She was never nice to him. She was mean and cold. Sorry, maybe this is bad to say. But this is me, as a fan. As a fan watching the show, I’m like, why does he like her?!

What if she begs for him back?
Well, he clearly is in love her.

Who did you like him with best?
His grandmother. And Landry.

Can’t argue with that.
That was my biggest disappointment last year, that me and Landry didn’t have [many scenes] together.

Ours, too.

Oh, thank you. Yeah, Jesse [Plemons] (pictured left), he’s the best. He’s awesome.

But Jason just said there’s going to be a lot more Landry-Saracen stuff this year.
Really? What else did you hear? ‘Cause I got nothin’!

That’s pretty much the gist of it.
Well, thanks for the information. It’s good to know.

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh