friends reunion rumors 'Friends': The one where a crazy reunion rumor spreads onlineThe ninth anniversary of the “Friends” series finale is in just three weeks. Also, it’s been a while since the last batch of reunion rumors online. So, guess what? Another round of nutty “Friends” reunion rumors has popped up online.

As best we can tell, the whole thing started a little over a week ago when a Tulsa radio station posted a photo to its Facebook page showing the Central Perk couch and the caption “Friends: The One with the Reunion.” Underneath the couch it says “Thanksgiving 2014.”

The photo got passed around a little bit and then, without any substantiation, the rumor appeared to die out. Until late last week, when a site called StarMedia claimed — in another completely unsourced report — that NBC had “confirmed” not just a reunion, but a whole new season of the show.

One problem, though: None of it’s true. A spokesperson for Warner Bros. TV, which produced “Friends,” tells Zap2it the rumors are false. No reunion, no new season.

The closest thing TV viewers will get to a “Friends” reunion in the coming months is Matt LeBlanc guest-starring on “Web Therapy” with Lisa Kudrow this summer. So there’s that, anyway.

Posted by:Rick Porter