colin farrell portrait getty 'Fright Night's' Colin Farrell: 'I only play savage killers now'Colin Farrell, when asked, will offer his opinion on how his “Fright Night” character — vampire Jerry Dandridge — would stack up in a fight against “The Twilight Saga’s” Edward Cullen (as swoon-inducingly played by Robert Pattinson).

“If they were fighting for a lump of meat, Jerry,” said Farrell at a Friday (July 22) Comic-Con panel promoting the upcoming movie. “If they were fighting for the love of a woman, I’m afraid Cullen would have me.”

Farrell plays a very different kind of vampire, though, than Pattinson’s passionate and conscience-driven Edward. And different from the star of the original 1985 “Fright Night” — Chris Sarandon — who also appears in the 3-D redux and was on hand for the press conference.

“I felt more like a social parasite,” said Farrell. “Someone who really did enjoy the threat he exposed to those around him. My guy would be nothing without fear he could instill in people. He treats humans like a cat treats a ball of wool — as playthings, not just a source of sustenance.”

Does having two young sons at home affect the kinds of roles Farrell chooses, asked one reporter.

“Yeah, I only like playing savage killers now.”

“Fright Night” opens nationwide on Aug. 19.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson