"Fringe" is finally back this evening with a fresh episode, but it's been so long, I'm just trying to remember where everything was left. Thankfully, KTV's superstar intern Marisa Roffman keeps up with these things. Marisa?

Yes, let's see… Olivia had disabled a bomb with her mind, then learned

she might have had some sort of experimental, freaky-deaky testing done

to her as a child. Walter realized he might have been the anonymous

writer of the ZFT manuscript (the book that talked about technology

destroying the world and warned about an upcoming apocalypse). Mr.

Jones had disappeared from the hospital room and someone — or

something — had smashed a hole in the wall to facilitate said disappearance.

So yeah, if you're waiting for answers to those cliffhangers, well,

tonight's episode isn't going to deliver. None of those things are

even mentioned. But that's not to say it isn't a solid hour. The show just takes a break from the mythology and focuses on some weird cases this week.

Olivia in particular is a busy, busy girl and is

required to work on two — an FBI serial killer investigation where the perp manipulates corpses into works of art and

a Fringe team case investigating the identity of a boy who was found

in a condemned about-to-be-demolished building.

And since it's TV, the two cases end up

colliding in a distinctly "Fringe"-like way.

But looking forward to the remainder of the season, I got some one-on-one time with John Noble (Walter) who kindly answered a few of my questions…

Fringe is coming back after another

long hiatus. Are you at all worried about what these breaks are doing to the show?

JN: My personal belief is that

this is a story with a big enough mythology and interesting enough

characters to be more than a one or two season show. Obviously they’ve

thought of that. FOX has incredible faith in ["Fringe"]. Incredible

support. And I’m so grateful for that. So as long as we can continue to

be creative, I think [the network] will run with [the show]. I do. And we’ve got

this wonderful audience of people who adore ["Fringe"]. They get on the

blogs and they talk about it. Life is good. And I get excited about the


It seems like it would be easy to get excited about the character of Walter. He is so unlike other characters in that he says exactly what's on his mind.

JN: Well, exactly that. But he’s also very sad. He’s probably a little

bit older than I am in real life, and you reach a stage in your life

when you’re full of memories. You do have wit, you have a certain

energy, but there’s also a lot of looking back in the rear view

mirror and a lot of sadness, particularly for that character. He’s

funny. He’s allowed to have no social skills. He’s incredibly bright

and he can whip things off very quickly. What I love is the freedom to

find the balances there. And that he’ll go from saying something really

funny to something quite pathetic and sad.

One would imagine Walter feels a great deal of sadness for all the years lost with Peter. Will that be addressed?

JN: The basis of their relationship will be revealed. There’s [been] no mention

of [Peter's] mother. There’s very little mention of what happened in

their early days. And that needs to be revealed… what Walter and Peter

are. They’ve grown fond of each other and they’ve developed a sort of

dependence on each other, which is easy because Joshua Jackson (Peter)

and I get on very well and we love working on that. But more will be

revealed about the actual genesis of that relationship, which I think

the audience will find fascinating.

Will those reveals about their relationship come this season or will we have to wait?

JN: There will be something revealed this season.

Very good to hear. Any other revelations to look forward to?

JN: You find out some things about Olivia’s character. We’ve already had

hints that all is not how it seems [with her]. But we do find out

something very substantial in this season.

Does this new information about Olivia tie back to Walter?

JN: Yes. That link is drawn.

Anything else you want to tease for fans?

JN: There will also be revelations, as I said, about Josh Jackson’s

character. How much will be revealed this season, I’m not sure. But

[the show’s mythology is] becoming more dense. It wasn’t an accident that these three were

thrown together.

Hmm… Interesting. You excited for tonight's new episode?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh