blairbrown.jpgFollowing a finale that blew our minds, “Fringe” returns tonight with a brand new season that will keep the nerdy watercooler talk coming.

After all, this show is bouncing back and forth between two realities. One, in which, JFK is alive and well.

We spoke to star Blair Brown (Nina Sharp) about the aforementioned realities as well as Kevlar abdomens, bionic arms, William Bell, Walter and the list goes on.

She is great.

Peep that Q&A below (enter at your own risk, though, because there’s a season opener spoiler in there).

But first, to satisfy some of your pre-premiere curiousity, we screened this evening’s episode and can spill a few less-spoilerish sort of details…

First off, if you haven’t yet seen “Fringe” and are thinking of checking it out for the first time, definitely do so. The writers give new viewers a crash course on what’s been going on, by way of the addition of a new FBI agent with an interest in getting caught up too.

For returning fans, you might be disappointed to hear that, despite the intensity of the finale, most of those big reveals are not directly brought up tonight. The fact is, there’s a more immediate crisis to deal with.

Olivia’s return from the “other world” is anything but smooth, she arrives back in our universe pretty beat up. But while things look grim for her, there are some incredibly sweet moments where it becomes crystal clear how much the Bishop men care for their favorite FBI agent. She’s going to need that support, considering someone is gunning for her big time and Olivia’s not in the right frame of mind to take him down herself.

What else can you expect?

Well, William Bell and the alternate reality are completely M.I.A. in the first episode back. Two characters share an unexpected kiss, which is sure to have consequences for everyone as the season progresses. Oh, and those two “The X-Files” homages? One is a video and one is spoken, and fans should appreciate both shout outs.

P.S. If you DVR the show, make sure you set it to record an extra minute or so, because you won’t want to risk missing the final moments of the hour. It will alter the way you view one character forever.

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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‘Fringe’ plans X-Files homage

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh