lance reddick fringe season 4 finale 'Fringe' cast shot two season finale endings    the wrap up and the cliffhangerThough the future of “Fringe” still hangs in the balance over at FOX, the writers, like the fans, aren’t quite ready to give up the hope of a Season 5. Zap2it spoke with series star Lance Reddick at Warner Bros.’ Television Out of the Box exhibit at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills this week, and he filled us in on a little secret: There are two potential endings.

As Joshua Jackson and John Noble told us, the Season 4 finale will answer fans’ major questions, giving some closure to the story that we’ve seen thus far. We’ll be satisfied by where a lot of the key relationships wind up — particularly for Peter, Olivia, and Walter.

There is still a chance that FOX will greenlight a Season 5, and it’s looking likely that “Fringe” may get a 13-episode final season to give fans a chance to say goodbye. If this is the case, the “Fringe” team has you covered for one crazy cliffhanger finale, because the cast shot an additional finale ending that will be used if it looks like Season 5 is happening.

“Something happens at the very, very end of the season finale,” says Reddick. “It may or may not stay; I don’t know. It could open up an entire new season.”

If FOX does cancel the series (or put it on hiatus forever), then those additional scenes may hit the cutting room floor so that the season finale will serve well as a series finale. “It could be a cliffhanger, but the thing that’s beautiful about the way that the season ends is that it seems to answer almost all the questions that started in Season 1… except for that one story,” Reddick says.

Let’s hope that FOX picks up Season 5 so that we can see those shocking final moments! We’ll leave that series finale for “Fringe” fans in some alternate universe.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie