fringe gallery large 'Fringe': Did Olivia amber herself? Plus the series finale date revealedWe are almost exactly three weeks away from the last “Fringe” season premiere ever, and we’re still in the dark about… well, pretty much everything. Executive producer J.H. Wyman isn’t exactly spilling the beans about our upcoming trip to 2036, so we’ve had to gather tiny bits of intel here and there.

Here’s what we do know: Olivia (Anna Torv) becomes an official member of the Bishop family. The wedding ring on Peter’s (Joshua Jackson) finger isn’t exactly subtle in this promo clip. We can also see that Peter and Olivia did get to spend a few good years with their daughter, Henrietta, before they were torn apart by the Observers and the amber.

We also know that when Walter gets to the future, as seen in last season’s “Letters of Transit” episode, things aren’t going to go easy. The image of him bloody and bound to a chair in this clip won’t be soon forgotten.

Thanks to some great marketing decisions from FOX, fans have a good sense of the order of the Observers’ new world. Though the Fringe Division is responsible for policing “Native Citizens” — AKA humans — the Observers reign supreme and literally have jurisdiction over peoples’ brains. They can scan your thoughts and, if they don’t like what they find there — erase them.

There’s a far more extensive list of things we don’t know, not the least of which is any information about Olivia’s whereabouts, since “Letters of Transit” was the only episode of “Fringe” that didn’t include Anna Torv. When we spoke with Wyman this summer about Olivia’s involvement in the future, he simply teased, “Let’s just say that the Fringe Team 2.0 is really, really important. You are going to find Anna’s reinvolvement in a very special and unique way.” He adds, “We’re going to see this new, nuclear, really messed up family that’s trying to hold it all together.”

In speaking with TVLine about Olivia, Wyman hints, “You’ve got to figure that ambering yourself is kind of a cool thing!” We know that Walter (John Noble) pushed the button to encase himself, Peter, Astrid, and (in a particularly mysterious twist) William Bell. But dd Olivia amber herself as well?

We suppose that if Peter was trapped in the substance, Olivia might want to put herself in there, too, to give them the best chance at a reunion. But it’s not likely that she’d have locked herself up knowing that her very young daughter would be parentless on the outside of the amber.

Any theories, “Fringe” fans?

While we’ve got your attention, we can also officially reveal the date of the “Fringe” series finale episode: Mark Feb. 1 on your calendars, because at 9 p.m. you will want to be planted in front of your television set to say goodbye to this fan favorite for the last time.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie