walter white tulip fringe 'Fringe' fans plan white tulip tribute for final San Diego Comic Con panelWe don’t often report on fan projects, but this one was just too fun to pass up. In celebration of the final “Fringe” panel at next weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, two fans of the brilliant series came up with a fun way to show their devotion to the show.

“Fringe” returns this fall for its last bow with a truncated fifth season, but before the cast goes back to work, Anna Torv, Josh Jackson, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, John Noble, and J.H. Wyman will hit up SDCC one last time. This time, the panel is in the enormous Hall H — and if all goes according to plan, fans will have a fun surprise waiting for the cast when they come out on stage.

Tumblr users flowerings and missmysticfalls suggest that fans print out or draw the iconic white tulip, and hold up the picture when the cast arrives. Devoted fans know that the white tulip was an important symbol of forgiveness for Walter in Season 2. If you’re planning on attending the panel, be sure to participate in this cool project. Read more about it here via Tumblr!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie