fringe seth gabel large 'Fringe' fave Seth Gabel joins 'Arrow' as villain VertigoWe were pretty inconsolable when we lost Seth Gabel to the other universe on “Fringe” when the bridge between the two universes was destroyed. (If you don’t watch “Fringe,” none of this will make sense to you, and also you should be ashamed of yourself.) Now, we’re delighted to report that the actor is sticking with genre TV for a while. He’s just booked a primo gig on The CW’s “Arrow.”

As reported by TVLine, Gabel will play a bad guy based on the DC Comics’ supervillain Vertigo. Of course, since “Arrow” is more grounded in reality and exists in a world without superpowers, Gabel’s character won’t actually be a Count with the ability to disrupt people’s balance. Instead, he’ll introduce a deadly new recreational drug to Starling City. The street name for the drug? Yep. Vertigo.

Word is that he’ll be the scariest villain that Oliver (Stephen Amell) faces this season, and will recur in several episodes, the first of which is set to air after the new year.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie