fringe finale team josh john anna jasika 'Fringe' finale: Peter says goodbye to Walter    did the ending satisfy you?The critically acclaimed cult series “Fringe” took its final bow on Friday night with a two-hour finale event on FOX, after hanging on for five seasons despite low ratings and risky storylines. We’re still sorting through the science fiction of it all, but emotionally, the finale was immensely satisfying, bringing the “Fringe” team to a heartbreaking but hopeful conclusion.

As expected, Walter had to sacrifice himself — traveling with the child Observer, Michael, into the distant future in order to create a time-paradox which would prevent the Observers from invading in 2015. In order to complete the plan, the team used all of the previous Fringe events they’d experienced as weapons against the Observers — which, as Walter so eloquently put it, was “cool.”

When Peter realized that Walter was going to go into the future, he called out to him, “I love you, Dad,” and our hearts broke, even though the audience couldn’t even hear the words. Walter believed that going into the future without his family was essentially his penance for breaking the universe in the first place; the time he’d already had with Peter was already “stolen” time, and he was grateful for it.

The series ended powerfully, with Peter, Olivia, and Etta back in the field from the season premiere. This time, of course, Peter caught Etta. When they returned home and he was checking the mail, he found an envelope from his father — with the iconic white tulip inside. As an audience, we knew that Peter would go to the lab and find a video explaining Walter’s disappearance. As fans, we know that Peter is unlikely to accept it as inevitable, and Walter vanishing could very well incite a whole new fight for the team. We won’t see it, obviously, but it’s almost the final “Fringe” gift to fans — an open-ended potential adventure for us to dream up on our own.

What were your favorite moments in the final two hours of the show? Was there anything that bothered you or any loose ends you felt were left untied? Weigh in below in the comments section.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie