fringe-finale-preview-credits-william-bell-leonard-nimoy“Fringe” has been incredibly exciting this season, but no episode hit a home run the way the first part of the season finale “Brave New World” did. David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) is trying to merge the universes to create a new one that he controls. Who’s behind it? William Bell (Leonard Nimoy), who isn’t in amber after all.

A shorter version of the movie-style trailer was released before Part One, but now we have the full version. After the moment Astrid (Jaiska Nicole) is shot, we see exactly what Bell is trying to do. It’s terrifying. And what about Olivia (Anna Torv)? Will she make it, despite what the Other saw?

Check out the full trailer below and let us know what you think. Thank goodness we have another season! There is no way this could have been wrapped up in one more night! “Fringe” fans, you just won TV!

Posted by:jbusch