Georgina Haig.jpgFor those of you in “Fringe” withdrawal, we’ve got something to tide you over. Despite rumors of cancellation earlier in the year, the casting is ongoing. Not sure if we can do the dance of joy yet, fellow “Fringe” fans, but this can’t be a bad sign.

According to TV Line, Australian actress Georgina Haig has been cast in the show. She’s appeared in Australian films like “The Elephant Princess” and “Underbelly.” Now she’ll be playing a Fringe agent named Etta. She’ll appear in episode 19, so it will be a little while until we see her.

Etta will be the partner of the recently cast Henry Ian Cusick, of “Lost” fame. No one knows where these two will show up and in which universe, but the site is reporting that Haig’s character may be sticking around longer than Cusick’s. The original listing for the roles said they were alternate universe agents, but that was later changed to FBI for Cusick’s character, which would plant him in this universe.

Season 4 returns of Fox on March 23. Do you guys have any idea about who these two might play? Start your speculation.

Posted by:jbusch