fringe jasika nicole 'Fringe:' Jasika Nicole on meeting Alternate AstridThis week on “Fringe,” the two Astrids meet. And it wasn’t her idea. Alternate Astrid comes to see her for mysterious reasons. We got a chance to chat with Jaiska Nicole about playing herself, why Alt Astrid is here and a sneak peek at what she’s filming right now.

Nicole talks about the difficulty playing herself. “Not only because it was the first huge episode that I had just as an actor. But I was kind of doing double-duty as both Astrids.  She’s got these really emotional scenes.So what would normally take us maybe four or five hours to complete took us about eight or ten hours because we had to do it twice essentially. And there was actually one scene where they’re both Astrids and both Olivias (Anna Torv) and then Walter (John Noble) and Peter (Joshua Jackson). So, it just took us all day long.  Anna Torv actually pulled me aside and gave me all these tips on how to do it because she’s the one who, you know, plays her doppelganger in most of the show. So it was technically very difficult and emotionally difficult. But it was really, really exciting and totally worth it.”

She talks about why one Astrid never sought out the other. “You know, I think in the world of Fringe because they’re solving these cases and they’re trying to save lives and they’re trying to protect these universes from being destroyed. So I feel like any like ounces of selfishness totally get taken out of the equation. Like, who has time to go across to another universe and spy on their doppelganger when, you know, hundreds of people who are nearing death because there are some like crazy vigilante that’s out on the loose killing them all.
“So, I think, deep down inside this Astrid would have loved to go over there to see her.  But it’s just never, you know, it hasn’t come up and there’s been so much other work to do. But interestingly enough, the reason that old Astrid does come to this universe is for selfish reasons; not in a negative way necessarily.  But it’s something personal happens to her and it’s really traumatic.
“She doesn’t have anybody else to turn to. So her only option is to come here, which I think is pretty incredible. I think it’s very brave because I think there’s a possibility that this Astrid is too afraid to maybe go over to the alternate universe and see if her alternate has a better haircut than her.”

She gives us a little tease about the episode she’s filming right now, saying, “We are currently filming an episode that is going to take place mostly in the alternate universe and there’s a lot of Lincoln on Lincoln happening on this episode, like a lot, a lot, lot. So I know the fans will be really excited about that because I personally love the Lincoln so much.”

“Fringe” airs Friday, February 3rd on Fox.

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