bishops 'Fringe': Joshua Jackson says don't miss tonight's 'A Short Story About Love'“Fringe” is back with it’s spring premiere on Friday (Mar. 24) and it’s going to be a big one. So big, in fact, that Joshua Jackson says you can’t miss it. He says that this episode will answer the question about whether or not Peter will be successful in finding his home. Well, that is definitely a reason to tune in. As if you needed another one.

We spoke to Jackson at Wondercon, where he told us that he was geeking out over the event, saying, “It’s my childhood imagination vomited into a convention center.” We asked him what the highlight of filming the season has been. “The fun of this season was, for as much time as I’ve spent with John (Noble), working on the father-son relationship, and for as much time as Anna (Torv) and I have spent in this really tortured work dynamic and then love relationship, and then epic love relationship, and we don’t know each other anymore, it has been fun to reset all of those relationships and go back to almost a new version of what a new show would be.”

Jackson, who just joined Twitter (follow him @VancityJax) tweeted that he wants you to be part of the live tweeting event. The hashtag #WhereYouBelong willl appear on the screen and will be used just for this episode. Make it trend, everyone!

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