michael cerveris evita opening night gi 'Fringe' keeps even The Observer guessingEven The Observer does not know what’s coming next on “Fringe.”
Michael Cerveris, who plays The Observer, tells Zap2it, he knows what’s coming “only to the extent that we may have shot the episodes and they have not aired yet. They are keeping us in suspense.”
“It was picked up for a final season,” he adds. “It is really exciting to get 13 more episodes. It will never be tied up in a nice bow, to bring the pieces together.”
Cerveris, who earned a Tony Award nomination Tuesday for his portrayal of Juan Peron in “Evita,” was greeting fellow actors Wednesday, who also received the Tony nod. 
“I am a fan of the show,” he says of  “Fringe.”
 And as for that jump into 2036?
“It was a breaking-all-of-the-boundaries episode, which ‘Fringe’ is so good at,” Cerveris says. “It was exciting for me, too.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler