" has kicked Kirk Acevedo's Agent Charlie Francis to the curb.

Though the authenticity of the page has not yet been confirmed, Acevedo apparently made the following announcement this morning: "Well boys and girls they done did yer boy wrong! They fired me off Fringe and I've never been fired in my life!!!!"

Rumor has it, Acevedo was simply a victim of budget cuts on the show.

I've reached out to FOX for comment/confirmation and will update you as I know more, so keep checking back.

In the meantime, any strong feelings on this, one way or the other?

UPDATE: Insiders are saying, yep, it's true. The studio has no comment.

UPDATE #2: Though my buddy Damian Holbrook spoke to "Fringe" exec producer Jeff Pinkner who said Acevedo "was not fired," Acevedo's Facebook status update saying he was fired was indeed authentic. Also, the tweets of former "Fringe" co-producer and writer Brad Caleb Kane — he said that he's hearing Acevedo was let go because they were having trouble serving so many characters — seem to indicate Acevedo was axed. Whether he'll show up as a surprise guest star on an episode or two next year though, that's still TBD…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh