fringe leonard nimoy 320 'Fringe': Leonard Nimoy teases the massive season finaleAfter the mind-blowing season finale “Fringe” pulled off last May, the show has a lot to live up to this year, don’t you think?

The first half of this year’s ender on Thursday (May 14) certainly set up some major events, including the reappearance of William Bell.

And while Leonard Nimoy, who plays Bell, has thus far only shared significant screen time with Anna Torv‘s Olivia, he says the big William-Walter (John Noble) showdown is coming next week. 

“[There are] very strong scenes between Walter and William [in the finale],” Nimoy tells Korbi TV. “I would say that’s at the heart of the episode. It was a great pleasure for me to do those scenes. There’s a very strong relationship resolution between Walter and William next Thursday night.”

Fans can also look forward to getting some clarity on where Bell’s loyalties really lie.

“There’s always been the question: What are his intentions?” Nimoy says. “I think the
writers have done a very good job of keeping the answer to that very
obscure. I’ve tried to make him disarming, I’ve tried to play him
ambiguously, so that although he keeps saying ‘trust me,’ you’re not
quite sure if you should. … We’ll find out in next week’s episode whether
it was correct to trust him.”

And since the finale focuses on the other universe and the doubles of the team we know so well, will we perhaps encounter the alternate William Bell?

“I think it’s safe to say there’s only one William Bell you’re going to see next Thursday night,” Nimoy teases. “All of the other [characters] do have alternates … [but] I was only given one William Bell to play and that’s the William Bell you’ll see.”

Nimoy also confirmed that due to his retirement, the second part of the
season finale (airing May 20) will be his final appearance on the

Kinda sad, no?
Which William Bell loose ends are you most hoping get tied up next week?

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