fringe friday vid 'Fringe' on Friday: Delicious strawberry flavored deathFriday night has long been known as the place where good television goes to die, but “Fringe” is refusing to go quietly into that good night. When the series returns after the holidays, you can find Walter, Olivia, and Peter at 9 p.m. on Friday on FOX, right after “Kitchen Nightmares.”

In a new promotional trailer, the “Fringe” team pokes fun at the nay-sayers, acknowledging that historically, shows that get bumped to Friday don’t tend to fare well when upfronts roll around in the spring.

“Death! Delicious, strawberry flavored death!” rants Walter (John Noble) in a memorable clip that will forever haunt us. While showing us ominous clips about TV’s graveyard, the promo reminds us that death is what “Fringe” does best. If anyone can bring Fridays back to life, it’s Walter Bishop, after all.

Check out the almost-perfect TV spot below (it’s a little light on Joshua Jackson, but we’ll look past that) and don’t forget to tune into Fringe on January 21. It’s a Friday.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie