FRINGE_group_cloudscropped.jpg“Fringe” airs it final episode tonight (Feb. 24) before it’s three-week hiatus and we got a chance to chat with executive producers and showrunners Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman during a conference call. They give us the scoop about the winter finale, whether or not we’ll have closure this season and which questions we’ll get answered tonight.

Pinkner says of the new episode, “It’s sort of like the episode was designed to tell a few things that all interacted, and the story between Olivia (Anna Torv) and Nina (Blair Brown) and any time Jared Harris as David Robert Jones is on the screen is just fantastic.  And allowing Michael Cerveris as our observer to, sort of, like peel back some layers and reveal some truths about what his agenda has been and to really use that as an opportunity to revisit the things we’ve done before in the show.  All of it was really fun and exciting for us.”

Oh yes, the Observers. Their purpose is one of the five big questions we want answered. Wyman says, “Well that’s an interesting point because we always said that you’ll find out about the observer this season and that we’re going to investigate them a lot more.  So we’re excited about it all because that’s a highlight-the observers are a highlight.  It’s just-for us to kind of constantly break what you think you know, and sort of reset, and have to go, ‘Wow, I didn’t see that coming.’  That’s kind of why we get up in the morning.  It’s to, sort of, like take people on for the ride.  So we’re excited about what’s coming up too for people.”

Pinkner gives us a taste of what’s to come tonight, saying, “Well it’s definitely, as they say, a game changer in that our characters learn a lot more and the audience is going to learn a lot more about sort of the Uber plot of our season, our season bad guy David Robert Jones.  The character … certainly for Peter (Joshua Jackson) this season and Olivia and Walter (John Noble) is going to start to unfold in ways that, hopefully, will be really both satisfying and challenging to our characters.  It’s sort of like, the 14th out of 21 or 22 episodes and it’s very much a hinge episode that’s going to launch us into the back half of the season.
Wyman also says that David Robert Jones will be a big part of the story going forward. “That there’s always a little more to the story behind the story.  He’s definitely a large part going forward.  I think a lot of things will come full circle.  But you’ll be like, oh, wow.  And again, I hate to use the word but re-contextualize a lot of things that you’ve already seen.” The two also said the chapter will close at the end of the season, just like it always does, so you won’t be left hanging.

One final little tidbit? The two revealed that Nina’s alternate nickname was created by Blair Brown herself. We can’t wait to hear what it is! “Fringe” airs it’s final episode before the three week break on Friday, February 24th on Fox.

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