anna torv fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: A Bridge Too FarThe Fringe teams from both universes gather so Walter can tell everyone what David Robert Jones is planning: to collapse both universes to create a Big Bang for a new universe that he will populate with his scary creatures and with laws of physics that he will decide for himself. As for how he’s going to do it — well, that’s what the amphilicite is for, and he has also enlisted the help of the Cortexiphan kids to serve as earthquake triggers around the world. That means we get to visit with Nick Lane again. Two of them! The Earth-2 version is visually connected to Earth-1 version (without actually knowing what’s going on), and the Earth-1 version is working with David Robert Jones, who has tricked him into thinking he’s trying to save the universe from evil Earth-2.

The Fringe teams work to prevent more assaults, because the only other option is to shut down the bridge, which is what’s allowing Jones’ cross-universe assaults in the first place. That’s the last resort, because the bridge is healing Earth-2, and no one wants to stop that. But when stopping Nick Lane doesn’t stop the assaults, there’s not much choice left but to shut things down. People say goodbye to their counterparts in an unsurprisingly moving episode, especially as we watch Walter wretchedly trying not to seem like such a universe-destroying fool in the shadow of the clear-minded and forceful Walternate. They have a touching heart-to-heart about Peter, tough decisions and everything else under the sun. Lincoln’s electing to stay on the Earth-2 side, mainly because of its lower Olivia-in-love-with-someone-else index. I kept expecting some last-minute twist, or an episode-ending cliffhanger to lead into next week’s Part 1 of the season finale, but nothing: the other side winks out and is gone. I gotta say, I’m looking forward to the next two episodes even more now that I know they’re not going to be the final two. Let’s call Season 5 a thirteen-part series finale!

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