anna torv fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: A Town Called MaliceStrange things are afoot in an episode very reminiscent of classic X-Files episodes. A string of cars and trucks along a lonely road lose power, which is inconvenient. Small metal objects appear weightless, which is strange. An airplane crashes, killing everyone. The Fringe team comes to play, and find the nearby town full of corpses and psychos. Something’s messing with the town’s minds, making them confused and/or violent. More perplexing is that our heroes can’t seem to escape the town when they’re trying to transport a mortally wounded man to the nearest hospital. (Although that might not be as strange as the fact that Walter has joined the team on location, although that does turn out to be quite convenient, plot-wise.)

The gang holes up with the unaffected survivors in a high school, and the Bishops determine that — after spotting double irises and double DNA — that worlds are colliding, and they manage to shepherd the survivors to the centre of the alignment, which is unaffected as the overlapping universes cancel each other out, more or less erasing the town. The explanation: David Robert Jones did it, with the amphilicite, and it’s not a huge surprise when they remind you during the “previously on” scenes that DAVID ROBERT JONES STOLE AMPHILICITE. Still, great episode. It opens with Olivia dreaming (remembering while sleeping?) of having sex with Peter, and ends with her greeting him with a kiss and takeout from their favorite place, because that’s what they always do on Fridays. Peter’s shocked, but if he plays his cards right, he and Olivia might go all the way!

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