josh jackson fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: All You Need Is Love... Plus a Machine That Dehydrates People to DeathOlivia’s mooning over Peter, measuring out her life in coffee spoons. Nina convinces Olivia to get help from Walter, but in the meantime there’s a case to solve that will, as usual, give her reason and time to reflect on her own life. It involves a scarred man who dehydrates the male half of a loving couple, so he can extract their essence and make pheromones with which to seduce the female half of the formerly happy couple. He wants to distill the essence of love, or something. Olivia catches him, with the hitch being that the final victim is not the man’s wife but his mistress, so the FBI team had been lying in wait at the wrong spot.

Meanwhile, remember when the Observer died/disappeared and the tray fell over? Walter fortunately has a nanny cam hidden inside a teddy bear in the lab that shoots good enough video so that he can slow it down and see that the Observer actually stuck something in Peter’s eye. That something is a little disc with an address that Peter — who’s looking for any excuse to stay away from Olivia anyway — tracks to New York, where he finds the Observer’s swingin’ bachelor pad, with the doohickey that he uses, and the other doohickey, you know what I’m talking about. He uses those doohickeys to find that vaguely titillatingly-shaped beacon thing from all the way back in the first season, and when he turns it on, he brings the Observer back, which is great, because then we get to hear the Observer blather about Peter not being erased from the timeline because the people who love him love him too much to let him go, and vice-versa. Oh, and this, which seems important: this is Peter’s right timeline. This Olivia? Is his Olivia. So that means there’s a big hug at the end of the episode, which is nice, except you can’t help but wonder how Peter and Olivia are going to be split up this time.

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