fringe jasika nicole 'Fringe' recap: Double Your PleasureThe Fringe team investigates one poisoning, then another, involving a toxin of compounds so unlikely to interact that the only way someone could have combined them lethally is if they had some sort of godlike powers. (It makes a little more sense when you’re actually watching it.) That conclusion was reached, in part, with the help of the Farnsworthbot, who has crossed over from the other universe with the intention of meeting her counterpart in this universe. After some initial shock, Astrid is quite delighted by the meeting, as is Walter, because the Farnsworthbot is smarter and quicker than Original Recipe Astrid.

Turns out there’s a guy going around, a brilliant former mathematician, who can see people’s futures, and killing the people who will lead bleak existences filled with suffering. He’s also drawing the attention of the Observers, thanks to the glowing blue device that he found at Reiden Lake. It seems he managed to get his hands on an Observer’s device. Naturally, it’s September’s, who can’t seem to do anything right. Oh, and December is none too pleased that September didn’t follow his instructions, and that Peter’s back. Now that Peter’s an accepted member of the team, Walter’s resenting the intrusion into his lab. But at least he’s making nice with Fauxlivia. In the end, the mathematician commits suicide by Olivia, hoping to get to heaven.

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