john noble fringe s3 320 'Fringe' recap: Finish Your Collapse and Stay for BreakfastOK, so Col. Broyles isn’t evil, just a man who’s doing what he’s doing so David Robert Jones will continue to provide Broyles’ formerly dying son with the medicine he needs to get picked first for “hitball” and so girls will like him.

But the non-evil, non-corrupted forces are closing in around him, with Fauxlivia working to find out who the presumed mole is. It’s her way of dealing with Lincoln Bee’s death (well, that and getting right sloshed).

Meanwhile, the weekly threat involves people in Earth-1 suffering the fate of their Earth-2 counterparts, no matter how improbable. A couple of suits and a pilot crash their plane on Earth-1, and their doppelgangers, who weren’t even flying, suffer the same injuries. (Of course, longtime Abrams watchers knew someone was doomed when they saw a firm called “Artz Holdings,” given that we all know what happened to a guy named Arzt holding dynamite. That’s not a reach, is it?)

Anyway, Walter, who makes a field trip to the other side — he’s really blossoming! — figures out the pseudoscientific bull****, as he always does, which this week has to do with each universe vibrating on a different frequency, and the Earth-1 victims are somehow being tuned to their Earth-2 counterparts. Or maybe it was vice-versa. It doesn’t matter. At one crime scene, the agents find the device left behind, and the amphilicite it contains would seem to implicate Jones.

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